Janomee Explained

The human Genome is the DNA elements that make us. In every cell, we are composed of pairs of chromosomes, 22 in all, and one pair of sex chromosomes of XX for females and XY for males.

Therein began the journey that led to the concept contained in this site called Janomee (for business).

Everything you read or understand here has been born of completely independent radical thought, experience, observation and empirical evidence. Its basis is on the principle that everything has an opposite in or of itself.

As a fundamental point of reference it looks to the 12 signs of the Zodiac, not for information as to the characters’ assessments of each type but because a lynchpin to define periods of dates of birth was requiredfor the exercise to a foundation. No more than that. Janomee is a mathematical procedure based on ‘opposites’ and establishes a recognition of embedded characteristics peculiar to each of only 5 types of human, irrespective of gender. It is permanent, unchangeable and informs personality and it is buried beneath our dna, parents, education, upbringing, sexuality, gender or anything else. 

It is caused, I believe, by magnetism as a result of magnetite in our brain connecting us the earth’s magnetic field. It hard-wired and grants us various combinations of 4 polarities of plus [+] and minus [-] values. These identifiesdo not mean positive and negative traits but refer to transmission and receptive ability of individuals. How we then interact with others is cause and effect of the engagement of different polarities between people, all of whichis completely hidden from view.

If you can find a person’s polarity, you can drive your business to enormous success with the greatest of ease. And establishing how it’s done is not difficult.

Finally, the aspects of behaviour for each type is remarkably similar to the long held scientific view of psychologists about how people think, in what they describe as ‘The Big 5’. Where such commonality exists, Janomee is being provenfor its identification of the individuals’ behaviour as no reference to The Big Five was ever sought or established during the study.

Yet, it is true. If the mechanics used are right in the outcome, which is easily proved, and is the same as the characteristics in psychology, then ‘astrology’ tells us we are being manipulated by space forces such as magnetism andnot by our own mental hand.

Psychologists have 5 types of behaviour, which they apply blind to the human race. In that regard, Janomee is the complete opposite in that it is a mechanical application. In effect, scientific professional experience is proof of thestatements of Janomee, not the other way round.

So, do keep an open mind by applying it to yourself until you obtain the value of what Janomee promises.

It is conjecture that Janomee is formed when the waters in the womb break and, shortly thereafter, a child is born, he/she is instantly tethered to the earth’s magnetic field through magnetite in the brain. This magnetic coding isfixed forever and is one of only 5 (see  Only Five Magnetic Types). They consist of 4 electromagnetic poles of ‘+‘ and ‘–‘ activity, called astromagnets.

They range from 0+/4- to 1+/3- to 2+/2- to 3+/1- to 4+/0-.

It is vital to understand we are not talking about personality here. No, we are talking about attitudes, as in the leanings of a person before anything else kicks in, which masks them from viewuntil a crisis exposes them, for it is only at such times they become evident. They are raw, like wood, over which there are layers of paint glossing over them. Think of a new boat that has a built-in leaning to the left. It seeseverything from that perspective.

Beyond such ‘attitudes’, over which we have no control, there exists a plethora of variations such as gender, background, upbringing, dna, education, experience and God-only-knows-what-else. It is like a game-show, the luck of thedraw, a lottery.

The astromagnets – transmitters and receivers – can give you the keys to understanding the ‘gearing’ of this situation and, with it, you can command the Earth and not the other way round. Where it really comes to the fore is when there are a number of people gathered together either in a team or group.If the right people are assembled, wonders can happen. If the wrong team are together…well, you can guess. To get this in a simple way have a look at the page   A Question of Balance which demonstrates what I mean in a visual way. And if you think you are not an electrical field with magnetite in your brain connecting you to the Earth’s magnetic field and its effects,think again and take a look at this……..

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