What’s YOUR Janomee?

What is YOUR


Janomee is YourCoreMagneticBehaviour

Your Janomee is a magnetic code consisting of four polarities of [+] and [-] electromagnetic energies. They represent transmitting and receiving from you to others and vice versa. They are hidden from view, buried beneath your personality,
dna, education, upbringing, experience and background. Irrespective of that, they are the driver of your being and inform your personality and behaviour.

It is unchangeable and you receive it at the time of your birth as a result of the link of magnetite in your brain to the earth’s magnetic field. The more [+] in your code, the more your transmission energy. The more [-] in your code,
the more receiver energy. Conversely, the less [-] in your code, the less receiver energy. And the less [+] in your code, the less transmitter energy. ‘Energy’ in this regard means outward and inward exchange.

The total of [+] and [-] in your code determines the interaction you will have with others depending upon their code(s) and the outcome of this factor can enable great potential success or failure.

Two examples of the extreme ends of the five codes are Donald Trump who is 4+/0- type and Bill Gates who is 0+/4- type. Remember, with Janomee, it’s not ‘what’ you think, but ‘how’ you think.

To know what anyone’s code is you just need the date of birth and gender. You will find the instructions in the ‘How it Works’ page in the ‘±About People’ section on how to do this or you can take a short-cut and visit a page from
one of our other sites on the subject where you can enter the dates of up to two people at a time and it will act immediately.

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