Janomee for Business

Janomee for Business

Imagine the benefit to you and your company if you could be certain of the magnetic root personality of the individuals you employ or intend to employ, not the personality you see conveyed but the real one behind their actions.Such an insight would enable 
great profit for your company and the people themselves because over and above their qualifications you would know their secret hidden driver which permeates their behaviour.

So no more round pegs in square holes.

And what is this miracle wand?

Basically, we have magnetite in the brain which links our magnetic field to the Earth’s. It is identifiable and consists of four poles. These poles are recognised as + for active and dynamic energy and – for passive laconic energy. The more pluses in the polarity of an individual, the more transmitters they have. Conversely, the more minuses in the polarity, the more receivers they have.

Think of them as attracters (-) and promoters (+). The more promoters, the weaker, lighter and more extrovert the person.  The more attracters, the stronger, more serious and introvert the person.

There are 5 measures of polarity consisting of four poles ranging

4+/0-  3+/1-  2+/2-  1+/3-  0+/4-

Take managers, for example. Nick Leeson, the man who broke Barings bank was 0+/4- type.

This type can absorb enormous energy, hence pressure, to the point of a shrug. This makes them enormously valuable in certain roles such as assistant managers. This does not mean that people who are 0+/4- type would do what Nick did but rather explains how and in what way their magnetic link enables them and their thinking to behave. They are enormously clever and observant.

More importantly, perhaps, its most powerful use is in identifying how the different types interact with each other and with your staff.

An introductory book – 
Magnetically Fated – is available on Amazon.

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