The Best Employees

The Best Employees…

On the face of it

The Mouth represents 4+/0- type

The Ears represent 2+/2- type

The Eyes represent 3+/1- type

The Nose represents 1+/3- type

The Brain represents 0+/4- type

[4+/0-] types are dynamic, energetic, passionate, enterprising, adventurous, restless. (The Mouth – ever outpouring)

[2+/2-] types are generous, warm, persuasive, co-operative, idealistic, ethical, observing. (The Ears – ever listening)

[3+/1-] types are open, patient, prudent, stable, reliable, hard-working, ambitious.  (The Eyes – ever flitting)

[1+/3-] types are disciplined, logical, governed by service to others, duty-bound, sensitive, committed. (The Nose – ever assessing)

[0+/4-] types are determined, considerate, self-reliant, targeted, strong, persistent, forceful. (The Brain – ever evaluating)

In Business, who might make the best….

Sales Personnel

[3+/1-] are like heat-seeking et missiles. Not only will they be excellent at their job, they will also work well together with others. Ideally put a [0+/4-] in charge of them and he/she will bring fair balance to the authority that
will enhance their natural ability.

Support Personnel

[1+/3-] are brilliant in absorbing and containing dissatisfied customers. They also provide the Sales team with the all-important second wave support and maintaining the fullest back-office management. They make the back-bone to any

Chief Executive

[4+/0-] driven to go only one way – forward! They make excellent directors, too. However, as department managers, although they have what it takes, depending on their level you can expect them to ruffle a few feathers with subordinates
and they will not take instructions too well from their bosses as they will be given to more maverick behaviour than others.

Key Personnel

[0+/4-] even up to the Chief Executive position they make formidable employees as they are thorough, responsible and reliable, especially as they are given to pedantry and are detail-driven. They make great managers but a lonely figure
as chief executive and are better placed as the right-hand man/woman.

Factotum – all positions

[2+/2-] are balanced and undertake any position with a certain degree of grace. However, while they appear convivial, benign and agreeable with all who they meet and whatever they do, they are natural machiavellians. That said, they
are the least likely to cause disputations. They make the glue in any organisation as they get on with all other types with equanimity, taking the pressure better than most.