The Best in Sport


Janomee for any sport where it involves one-to-one exchanges such as Cricket, Tennis, Baseball or Rugby League are not included here. Please see Relationships Scales for such matters. This area is for team sports only involving all
players at once.

[4+/0-] types are dynamic, energetic, passionate, enterprising, adventurous, restless, energy drivers.

[2+/2-] types types are generous, warm, persuasive, co-operative, idealistic, ethical, enthusiastic,
energy creative.

[3+/1-] types are patient, prudent, stable, reliable, hard-working, ambitious, energy flamboyent.

[1+/3-] types are disciplined, logical, governed by service to others, duty-bound, sensitive, dedicated, energy restrained.

[0+/4-] types are determined, self-reliant, targeted, strong, persistent, forceful, energy absorbers.


Rugby Union

Defenders 1+/3- types

Midfield defenders and Goalies 4- types

Midfield attackers and Goal scorers 3+/1- types

Goal scorers 4+ types

Useful in all positions 2+/2- types

Front and second row forwards, Locks, full backs 1+/3- types

Centres, Wings, Wing Forwards 3+/1- types

Full Backs & Out Halves 4- types

 Scrum Halves, Hookers, Wingers 4+ types

Useful in all positions 2+/2- types

American Football Offence

American Football Defense

Tackle Guards 1+/3- types

Quarter, Full & Halfbacks & Wide Receivers 3+/1- types

Quarterbacks 4- types

Quarterbacks & Halfbacks 4+ types

Useful in all positions 2+/2- types

Safety 1+/3- types

Middle & Outside Linebackers 3+/1- types 

Cornerbacks 4- types

Tackle End 4+ types

Useful in all positions 2+/2- types