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About People

When your parents asked you as child what you wanted to be when you grew up, you no doubt had eccentric dreams and great plans of becoming an astronaut, only for a more practical path to be realised. We exist in a world of virtual
system, division, hierarchy and ‘the 1{b2bba3993f2eb476b43aefe65a0762dae6cc67dc22f13065af80d9262074f6ca}’ wealth inequality. We are all clambering to shine, conform, define and achieve, often uncertain of how successful our choices will be and where we’ll end up.

But what if I told you that you could have been a great astronaut? And, if not a great astronaut, then, perhaps, the greatest physicist or mathematician to aid the greatest astronaut?

Don’t worry, I’m not about to tell you that you can be anything you want to be through an altered mind-set because it’s my understanding that humans are physically designed, not philosophically. An altered mind-set can of course be
rewarding but it’s unlikely to provide a viable, long-term or more successful existence than the one we are naturally predesigned to lead.

Every day we see people step into roles, take on positions of power and form questionable relationships. In most cases it’s an organic best-fit and proves worthy, but in others, it can be based on incorrect, unethical or immoral choice.
If the latter, tread carefully, for an unjust fit could result in stagnant or failing teams, collapsing organisations, expensive divorces, divided families and even illness.

To avoid the wrong path, this book is an essential tool when making key decisions relating to people around you, working for you and indeed yourself. Built around a magnetic based code, our theory aims to deliver a lot more success
and happiness to a lot more people, leading to a better distribution of wealth and hopefully no more 1{b2bba3993f2eb476b43aefe65a0762dae6cc67dc22f13065af80d9262074f6ca}. Essentially, life’s purpose and direction is magnetic and humans have a predesigned electromagnetic fate, which must be realised
to achieve success.

Paying homage to many physics-based studies such as Hans Fromme (1957), we have looked into the importance of magnetite found in the brain and established a magnetic code which epitomises simplified reasoning for human behaviour. It
is effectively a matrix for why human purpose is magnetic. When the code is used to analyse individuals and teams, it reveals the magnetic predisposition, an energy type, of which we can be only one of five. Ultimately, each type
defines a magnetic fate.

When energy between people is said to be raw, palpable, chemical or drawn, the magnetic code is why. It is the reason we sink or swim in certain roles and relationships, why the Kardashian’s have dominated the social media world, why
Branson makes a great CEO, why the Pope was elected, and why Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are simply, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.

Before you begin your magnetically fated journey, I should point out that there are times when we are all attracted to a shiny penny, the most beautiful person in the room or the CEO’s panoramic office but what you want and what you
need are two very different things. Going off track or altering your magnetic path can prove probable. You need to be prepared to ask yourself, would you rather be a lousy captain or an excellent scrum half?

If you could establish your own best fit from birth, could find the right partner to walk beside you, the best career for you and were able to guide your children down their own successful paths, would you be interested?

And what if you could create the most successful sales or sports team of all time?

Time to accept your fate.


A testimony from C. A. Keene