Laws of Understanding

Laws of understanding

The following is a simple list of clarification

1. All relationships are possible – it all depends on the circumstances as to what extent and how successful they are possible but the dynamic of the relationships will be unmitigated.

2. It isn’t often possible to guess a person’s Janomee because we wear masks all the time. Once you know the Janomee, you will be amazed at your knowledge of the person’s or group’s magnetic drive. Why do you think most scientists,
psychiatrists and psychologists don’t reveal their dates of birth. 

3. It is very difficult but not impossible to identify an individual’s code on face value. That is because we all wear masks to disguise our inherent drivers. So, you have to establish their date of birth to identify what the magnitic polarity was.

4. The dynamic of a relationship between two people is a result of the number of plusses and minuses there are between the two forces. For example 4+ with 4+ means there is no inlet valve; it’s like trying to push two positive magnets
together. You can imagine the result of two people of this type together. On the other hand 4- with 4- means there’s no spark, no dynamic, so there’s no stimulation to ‘excite’ the relationship – it’s like trying to link two negative
magnets together. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates come to mind!

4. Take a couple who are 3+/1- and 2+/2-. This is a strong dynamic because they are [5+/3-] meaning they are dynamic with each other and the world around them but laconic enough to receive energy. Hence, their enormous success.