Nikola Tesla employee and Thomas Edison employer combined

in the early days of electrical development. Tesla was prolific with ideas and plans for the development and use of alternative current (AC). Edison was primarily a business man and was committed to his plans for ‘direct current’ (DC).
The employment of one by the other was a most unhappy experience and was never reconciled.

See below for the answer

In the 2020 movie, ‘TESLA’ starring Ethan Hawke, there is a scene where Tesla is in a factory working environment with others and the employer, Edison, as you listen to Tesla in  voiceover saying:

“…in the machine-works where there is always too much to do and not enough time, never enough money or men; constant fixes, upgrades, emergencies. Edison hardly sleeps and expects everyone round him to sleep even less. He talks
to everyone but is incapable of listening. He has no interest in my motor. In the old proverb: nothing grows in the shadow of an oak”

Edison was born 11th February 1847. His electro-magnetic type is 4+/0-  as he was Aquarius in the Year of the Horse, which ended on 15th February of that year. Had he been born on the 15th he would have been in the year of the
Goat and 2+/2- type.

Read again the words of Tesla above as I tell you who else Tesla could be perfectly describing – President DONALD TRUMP who is also astromagnetic type 4+/0- being a Gemini in the Year of the Dog.

As for Tesla, he was born 10 July 1856 making him astromagnetic type 1+/3- type a Cancerian in the Year of the Dragon. I wonder what he would have thought to know the brain is electrically connected to the Earth’s magnetic field which
preconditions us to our behaviour.