A Question of balance

  This rline2    is a barrel on which rests a wooden plank.  As you can see it is unbalanced. Let’s balance and mark it with the two polarities of plus and minus on either end   bareline  

Hereunder are the five identifying polarities of the different electro-magnetic types of people

0 1 2 3 4

Let’s place them on the plank on the barrel in accordance with their ‘balanced’  and unbalanced polarities


As you can see it’s perfectly balanced

(Believe it or not, this is, almost uniquely, The Beatles EMF (including George Martin) but, interestingly if not strangely, became Beatle George Harrison’s Travelling Wilburys actual EMF makeup also). 


Now let’s see what happens when two or more of one particular type or another are gathered together





You can see at a glance where the plank becomes variably balanced and unbalanced as people with different magnetic codes stand on the barrel. They ‘weight’ it in such a way as to affect the group identity and behaviour.


Take, for example, the second figure above rline2x

You can see that, because there are people with more receiver energy blue (i.e. 10/16ths), they unbalance the group and, overall, it will be a laconic ‘accountancy-like’ team as will the other groups shown, for the same reason. If the opposite were true in the depictions, there would be more drive energy, as in a ‘sales-like’ team.

Balance, in any team or group, brings powerful rewards.