Our world has been turned upside down since 2010 and following the Banking Crash.  One important factor is the number of leaders that are Gemini but, moreover, who are 3+/1- magnetic type. Please refer to this type for a full analysis of their distinctive behaviour because of this but for now it’s suffice to say they love the stage, love being the front and center of everything.  They are light and trite. There is no depth to their thinking but they are also like lightening rods and think on their feet. They are very untrustworthy because of this.  They are too found of being the center of attention.

These are the leaders that have given our world a very disturbing time:-


Nick Clegg. 7/1/67. Capricorn/Horse
Theresa May. 1/10/56. Libra/Monkey
Jeremy Corbyn. 26/5/49.  Gemini/Ox
John Bercow. 19/2/63.  Aquarius/Dragon
Boris Johnson. 19/6/64.  Gemini/Dragon
Keir Starmer. 2/9/62.  Virgo/Tiger

Vladimir Putin. 7/10/52.  Libra/Dragon
Qi Jing. 15/6/53.  Gemini/Snake